2023: Prince Adebayo Declares for Presidency, Urges Nigerians to Shun Money Politics


Prince Adewole Adebayo on Wednesday declared his intention to contest for the 2023 Presidential Election.

Prince Adewole Adebayo during press briefing in Abuja on Wednesday 2nd February, 2022

Adebayo who made this known during a press conference in Abuja called on Nigerians to shun ‘money politics’ and embrace ‘issue based politics’.

“There is money politics and issue politics. It is now time for Nigerians to embrace issue politics, he said.

He said the elite in 2015 presented President Muhammadu Buhari as the only messiah that can bring about the desired change in the country but with the emerging events, it obvious he is not the messiah as argued by the elite hence the need for the masses to produce their own person who will lead the country from next year.

According to him, Nigerians are becoming impatient and tired in the journey that started in 1999.

He said while some have resorted to prayers, others have re-signed to fate.

“I’m coming out due to poor performance and the enormous problems facing the country.

“Until will correct the error of the past and the abnormality of the present we will find it difficult to move forward as the nation.”

On the platform he will contest the election, Adebayo said “I’m not running under the platform of PDP or APC.

According to Adebayo, there will be a coalition.

He said the security of the country is vested in the Government. “It is not with the masses because they cannot be carrying arms.

He also said the armed forces do not belong to Mr President, hence the need to cooperate with them.

He noted that the electoral system is not transparent because many in power will be wiped out.

He expressed hope that “with the trust we have in the people, no matter the sun shine, the rain they will vote and defend their votes.

“People believe their votes will not count but I advice that people get their PVC. The good people are in majority.

“It is left for the president to sign the Electoral Bill sent to him by the National Assembly. Some governors and others in the presidency made Buhari to decline his accent on the bill on the ground of direct primaries.

“It is now time for President Buhari to sign this Bill into law in order to prove his is the president of this country.”

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