Afghanistan: Bomb Blasts at Kabul Airport Kill over 60 Civilians, 12 US Forces; Injure more than 140 Others

There have been twin bomb attacks at Kabul airport targeting people desperate to flee the country after the Taliban takeover.

Explosions took place outside the Abbey Gate – where US and British forces have been stationed – and at a nearby hotel.

A senior Kabul health official told the BBC more than 60 people had died and more than 140 people were injured

US officials say that 11 US Marines and a medic are among the victims
Boris Johnson says the attack is “despicable” but it will not interrupt the UK’s operation.

The attack came after warnings there could be militant attacks, as nations evacuate people ahead of a 31 August deadline.

Canada has joined several European nations in wrapping up evacuation operations.

Huge crowds of people have also built up at Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan as people try to flee Taliban rule.

Islamic State claim responsibility for bombing

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack at Kabul airport.

The claim came in a message posted on their news outlet’s Telegram channel.

The group said a suicide bomber – who they identified – detonated an explosives vest among Afghans and US forces.

US Defence officials have also said they believe regional IS militants were behind the bombing.

US general points to failure among Taliban forces

Asked how the bombers were able to approach US forces, Gen McKenzie said there had “clearly been a failure” from the Taliban forces checking people outside the airport.

He said the US would “try to make all our practices better as we go forward”.

Earlier the Taliban said that the blasts happened in an area under US control.

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