African Alliance Insurance Sued in Court for Secretly Withdrawing Award Prizes after Publicly Presented to Beneficiaries


African Alliance Insurance Plc is facing legal challenge at the National Industrial Court, Abuja for abuse of public trust and undermining privilege of individuals and persons who work with it.

The company which claims to be “a protected future for everyone, with the most experienced life insurance company in Nigeria” is being dragged to the court over its decision to withdraw award prizes given to the deserving beneficiaries in the presence of general public and the pressmen but went back to withdraw such prizes from the awardees secretly.

In a suit No. NICN/ABJ/383/2019 (Mercy Aershimana Orga vs African Alliance Insurance Plc which came up for hearing on June 2, 2022, the Claimant in his prayer asked the court to compel the Defendant, African Alliance Insurance Plc to return the car given to her as an award prize from AAI.

The Claimant through her Counsel, Barr. Odu Onabe is praying the court to among other things to order Alliance Insurance Plc to pay her the current value of the car ceased from her after being presented to her in public as an award prize due to her diligence and commitment to the job.

According to Mercy A. Orga, the African Alliance Insurance Plc gave her a target on annuity of N240 million in that year but she exceeded the target by getting N500 million leading to her car award..

The counsel to the Claimant, Barr. Odu Onabe asked the court to declare that the forceful confiscation of the said car by the Defendant from the Claimant is tantamount to dehumanization of the Claimant by the Defendant, unlawful and therefore null and void.

According to the Claimant, Mercy Orga, many of her colleagues had died as a result of recent draconian policies of the Defendant, African Alliance Insurance Plc. She noted that some her colleagues who were afraid of losing their job ended up losing their life, this was due to the inability of the company to allow medical leave.

Orga noted that she was disengaged because he went for surgical operation. According to her, despite her illness, the company refused to give her medical leave.

She prayed the court to order the company to pay her the value of the car ceased from her; payment of 2% of National Provision Fund money owed as contributory pension by the Defendant; payment of the balance of savings, and amount expended in the Markurdi office as well as payment of amount erroneously deducted from her by the misappropriation of the agents totaling about N10 Million.

This medium further observed that the company is allegedly using different method to delay or frustrate the case at the National Industrial Court. When the case came up on Thursday 2nd June, 2022, the representative of the Defendant, African Alliance Insurance was absent and no reason was given. The Defendant’s Counsel, Barr. N. J. Obiezu also told the court to fix another day for the suit as he is sick even though he was in the court.

Mercy Orga and her legal representative, Barr. Odu Onabe were in the court.
Justice E. N. Agbakoba adjourned the case to 7th July, 2022.

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