Anti-Hate Speech Bill not for Buhari 3rd Term Agenda – Senate Spokesperson, Akwashiki


The Senate Spokesman, Senator Godiya Akwashiki has said that the Anti-Hate Speech bill is not an executive bill let alone being a grand plan of alleged President Buhari Third term agenda.

Responding to questions during an interview with journalists in National Assembly, Akwashiki said the claim of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP that the Anti-Hate Speech Bill is a grand plan of the Senate and the Executive arm for third term agenda of Buhar is totally untrue.

“I read from a paper this morning where the PDP Spokesperson claimed that the Anti-Hate Speech is a grand plan of the Senate and Executive Arm for President Buhari third term agenda.

“I totally disagree with him. Every Senator has a right to sponsor a bill of his choice.

“This Anti-Hate Speech Bill being sponsored by Senator Avdullahi Sabi is a private member bill. It is not an executive bill. The life span of this bill will be determined by the Senators just like every other bill.

“It was mentioned for the first time and during the second reading if it is not of national interest it will be killed.

“The general public will also have opportunity to make their contribution during the public hearing if it passes through the second reading. In other words, it must go through the normal process of enacting a law.”

Responding to the question on the relationship between the 9th National Assembly and the executive he said:
“I quite agree that there is cordial relationship between the current National Assembly. There cannot be any meaningful development that will be recorded if there is no mutual understanding between the Executive and the Legislative arm of government.

“Irrespective of political party affiliation, we are not fighting each other. Whether you a Senator or House of Representatives Member, you must need a cordial relationship with executive to be able to deliver dividends of democracy to your constituents.”

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