Bill to Establish Agency for Production of Sugarcane in Kaduna Scales 2nd Reading in House of Reps

…the agency will expose the economic potentials of sugarcane – Hon. Mukhtar Shehu Ladan


The Bill for an Act to Establish National Agency for the Production, Management and Contri of Sugarcane for Optional Use, Makarfi and for Related Matters has passed Second Reading in the House of Representatives.

According to the sponsor of the bill, and representive of Makarfi/Kudan Federal Constituency of Kaduna State, Hon. Shehu Mukhtar Ladan, the agency will expose the economic potentials of sugarcane if established.

Leading the debate on the bill on Tuesday 22nd February, 2022 on a title:
“A BILL FOR AN ACT TO ESTABLISH NATIONAL AGENCY FOR THE PRODUCTION, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL OF SUGARCANE FOR OPTIMAL USE, MAKARFi AND FOR RELATED MATTERS,” Ladan said “I am happy to stand here to lead the debate concerning a crucial area of agricultural development in our country, economy, empowerment and job creation through sugarcane production.

“This Bill seeks to give legislative support for the management, production and control of Sugarcane for optimal use for the people of not Makarfi/Kudan Federal Constituency alone but for the economic advancement of our country.

Hon. Shehu Ladan, rrepresenting Makarfi/Kudan Federal Constituency of Kaduna, State

“The passage of this Bill will create an excellent mandate for the operation of the Agency for maximal operation.

“Passing this Bill will enable the utilization of Sugarcane for small, medium, and large scale enterprises in massive agricultural sector transformation.

“Mr.Speaker, Honourable colleagues, the agency will expose the economic potentials of Sugarcane.”

According to him, function of the Agency if passed into law include “Enforce compliance with guidelines, polIcies and standard on Sugarcane production, manufacture, and control.

“Coordinate and work with stakeholders within and outside Nigeria to ensure compliance with matters of Sugarcane production, management and control standard improvements, regulations and enforcement.

“Enforce compliance with any registration on the use, and management of Sugarcane

“Enforce Compliance on the best policies that will improve variety on sale.

“Enforce compliance through monitoring the Sugarcane control regulations with it’s by production.

“Regulate the activities of middle men in the sale and consumption of Sugarcane.

“Charge fees on middle men who are intended to export sugarcane to other countries.”

The Bill Consists of 10 sections plus 1 schedule of regulations of the proceedings of the Board

There are provisions for the
~Establishment of the Board”
~Appointment of the Director general of the agency”

The Bill seeks to further consolidate on the economic, and job creation policies of the Federal Government and the schedule lay down the guidelines for the proceedings of the Board meetings and supplemental provisions.

The bill was considered and passed through the Second Reading.

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