Death Toll from Bomb Blast at Kabul Airport Rise to over 90 as US Enters Final Stage of Evacuation

US-led evacuations from Kabul airport in Afghanistan enter final stage, following a devastating bomb attack.

The Pentagon corrects its assessment to say there was one suicide bomb attack at the airport on Thursday, not two separate blasts.

The attack targeted people queuing to flee the country after Taliban militants returned to power.

Ninety people have been killed – mostly Afghan civilians and 13 US military personnel.

US President Joe Biden has promised to hunt down the perpetrators, jihadist group IS-K.

The UK says it is entering the final stages of its evacuation, with 1,000 leaving today.

The evacuations – and foreign troop withdrawals – are designed to be completed by 31 August – a deadline agreed with the Taliban.

The White House says more than 111,000 people have been evacuated since the airlift began nearly two weeks ago

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