Gunmen Kill Senator Abbo’s Uncle, Kidnapp His Step-Mother with 11 Days Old Baby

Gunmen numbering about 13 on Saturday stormed the family house of Senator Elijah Abbo, the representative of Adamawa North Senatorial District in Nigerian Senate.

The hoodlums who dragged out his father out of his room killed his uncle, David Ella and kidnapped his step mother who gave birth about 11 days ago.

According to Abbo while addressing journalists on Saturday, “About 13 men armed with AK-47 rifles invaded my family house around 1am on Saturday and shot my uncle dead.

“They dragged my father and brothers out of their rooms and went after my stepmother when they were told that my biological mother was dead.

“They took the poor woman away and left behind her 11 day-old child.

“My stepmother is still with the kidnappers now (as of 5:30pm on Saturday) The kidnappers have called me, using a Cameroonian MTN number, but they had yet to demand a ransom.”

Abbo lamented that the hoodlums were hiding just about two kilometres away from Mubi town but that neither the military nor the police had been able to dislodge them.

He said, “The Federal Government, the military and the police are not doing enough in the aspect of insecurity in this country.

“The security agencies know the hideouts of the criminals but they will not go after them.

“Of what use is the army barracks and the mobile police base in Mubi when they cannot go into the bush and dislodge the kidnappers?

He alleged that the hoodlums used the ransom they collect to fund terrorism

Senator Elijah Abbo who nominated Senator ALI Ndume for Senate Presidency on June 11 also gave insight into a vedeo where he aslapped a lady in a sex toy shop.

According to him,He said he was called by his wife’s younger sister that his only sister had been killed.

The senator said, “I asked what really happened to her and she (wife’s sister) responded that she (Senator’s sister) was hit, then I thought it was a car.

“On getting there with my brother, I found my sister lying in a pool of her own vomit and naked.

“So, I had to cover her first before calling the management of the Maitama Hospital to bring an ambulance.

“Asking what happened from a passerby, I confirmed that someone hit her but not with a car.

“Suddenly a boy came and hit me on the head saying ‘call Buhari if you can’.

“For what? I asked him, because I was surprised and confused.

“Then, the lady beside the sex shop pushed me and slapped me, ordering me to get out of the way and shouted, ‘get out’.

“I realised she was the one who dragged my sister on the floor. That was where my anger set in.”

Abbo added, “Instead of showing sympathy and concern for the dying girl, the owner of the shop pulled her like a ragout of her shop, telling her not to die there.”

The Senator said the situation got him angry and decided to call the police.

He said, “I wasn’t going about with security personnel as of that time because I was not yet a Senator.”

He said contrary to the media report that the lady he allegedly assaulted was a nursing mother, the lady was not even married let alone being a nursing mother.

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