House of Reps Committee on Land Transport Reacts to 100% Increase on Abuja-Kaduna Train Fare

Dr. Abbas Tajudeen (PhD), Chairman, House Committee on Land Transport


The House of Representatives Committee on Land Transport has reacted to the 100 percent increment on Abuja – Kaduna Train Fare by the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amechi.

The Chairman, House Committee on Land Transport, Dr. Abbas Tajudeen (PhD) said the members of the committee discussed the issue and came up with the possible panacea to the challenge.

According to Tajudeen who is the representative of Zaria Federal Constituency and Caucus Leader, House of Representatives Members from Kaduna State, the increment in Abuja – Kaduna train fare as announced by Amechi was as a result of challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic.

He told THE LEGISLATURE in an interview that his committee is seeking for support from the government in order to reduce the burden on the passengers.

“Recently, we had a joint committee meeting comprising the Senate and House Committee on Land Transport. We accessed the situation and we discovered that about one-third of the seats in each coach of the train will be redundant when the Abuja-Kaduna service commences.

“However, we don’t want the commuters to bear the burden and create additional hardship on them. This is why we are seeking the support of the government to provide palliatives by way of funding,” Tajudeen said.

This mrdium observed that the Joint Committee on the Land Transport met with the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Transport and some agencies under it including Nigerian Railway Corporation for an interactive session last Tuesday.

The Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amaechi had last Saturday announced a 100% increment in train fare for the Abuja to Kaduna service.

Amaechi, told reporters that the fare will double due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Train services are currently shut down as one of the government’s measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Tajudeen said despite the harmony that exists between the Legislature and Executive arms of Government, every arm of government is expected to maintain its independence.

He said no arm of government should be seen and treated as a robbot hence the need to alway do the right thing in compliance with the law of the land.

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