House of Reps Pass N30,000 Minimum Wage


The Nigerian House of Representatives on Tuesday passed the N30,000 National Minimum Wage Bill into law.

The executive bill sent to the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari last week had passed fist and second reading before the leadership of the House under Yakubu Dogara (Speaker) set up a committee to look into it.

The committee On Tuesday (today) presented its report on the minimum wage and it was unanimously approved.

Dogara said, “Today, we passed the new national minimum wage Bill 2019 in keeping with our commitment to improve the welfare of the Nigerian workers.

“The Bill was given speedy and accelerated passage in just two legislative days as a House of the Nigerian people.”

Though Buhari had in the executive bill sought the approval of N27,000, the lawmakers unanimously approved the N30,000 recommendation by the committee in consonance with the resolution by the tripartite committee set up by the President.

The bill had also passed first and second reading in the Senate last week before it adjourned to February 2019.

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