How Hon. Abubakar Yalleman Stands in 3rd Year of 9th National Assembly


In the Nigerian parliament, particularly, National Assembly there are two groups of legislators, those who may be considered as active lawmakers and the benchwarmers. Hon. (Dr) Makki Abubakar Yalleman, Deputy Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Defence and Member representing Mallammadori/Kaugama Federal Constituency of Jigawa State is among the group that warms others in view of his legislative activities, motion and bills sponsorship; contribution to debates, commitment to constituency projects and programme, among others.

Hon. (Dr) Makki Abubakar Yalleman, Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Defence and Representative of Mallammadori/Kaugama Federal Constituency of Jigawa State

The 9th National Assembly comprising the Senate (109 Senator) and House of Representatives (360 Members) was inaugurated on 11th June, 2019.

From the day of the inauguration of the 9th House of Representatives, Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman left no one in doubt regarding his mission and vision in the Legislative Arm of Government.

Within three years of the 9th House of Representatives, Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman sponsored and co-sponsored several bills that have direct and indirect impact on his constituents and entire Nigerians.

He also within the time under review presented many motions as well as carried out constituency projects.

Some of the bills sponsored by Hon. Yalleman include Bill seeking to amend the Oath of Elected Office Holders; Bill seeking to amend the Penal and Criminal Code with respect to suicide, Bill seeking to establish the Electoral Criminal Court and Bill that makes special funding for military apart from yearly budget. He argued that due to enormous tasks before the military, relying on yearly budget to fund armed forces will not be the best.

Some of the motions presented by Hon. Yalleman and adopted by the House of Representatives include a motion he moved on 18th July, 2019 on ‘Need to Avert Impending SSANU and NASU from the Strike.”

He also raised a motion on “Need for Proactive Measures Towards Disaster Flooding in his constituency.
On 3rd July, 2019 he presented a motion on the “Need to Curb the Armed Banditry in Zamfara State.

On 23rd March, 2021 Hon. Yalleman presented motion on the “Non–Release of Retention Funds by Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies.”

The House adopted the motion and resolved to The House of Representatives has resolved to investigate the “Non–Release of Retention Funds by Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies.”


According to the information obtained from Hon. Yalleman’s constituency office, he has carried out empowerment programme, facilitated different projects in various sectors as well as carried out special interventions.
The constituency projects were carried out in sectors like education, health, Power, agriculture among others;

One of the Solar powered Boreholes built by Hon. Abubakar Yalleman

Dr. Makki Abubakar Yalleman between June 11 2019 to date has facilitated the employment over 100 of his constituents in various Institutions/organizations, namely Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State; Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre; Nigerian Correctional Service; Sule Lamido University Kafin Hausa; Defence Space Administration; Defence Space Administration; – Kaduna State Polytechnic; Federal University Lafia; National Assembly; – Nigerian Police Force; Bayero University Kano; Federal University Lokoja; Nigerian Export and Import Bank; NBAIS; Jigawa State Agriculture and Rural Development Authority; Code of Conduct Tribunal; Federal Capital Territory Internal Revenue Service (FCT-IRS); Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC among others.


Hon Makki Abubakar Yalleman in RESPECT TO HIS campaign promises carried out the following
1. Construction of Two Classrooms with office Block at Hadin Junior Secondary School.
2. 100 JAMB Scratch Cards (50 Kaugama, 50 Mallam Madori) purchased and distributed to JAMB candidates (2020)
3. Payment of Registration fees to Several students within the constituency.
4. Renovation of Malam Madori Students Union Headquarters.

5: Distribution of 30 Laptop Computers to Students.

6. Renovation of blocks in Government Day Secondary School Mallammadori (Makarantar Murabus)

7.Distributed Educational materials (Facilities) which include; A. Generators 10, B. Steel Cabinets 20, C. Office Chairs 30, D. Pen 1 Cartoon, E. English Maths (Pri 1 to 6) 6 cartoons, F. Chairs 373, G. Desk 372, H. Books Bands 78 and I. Science Kid 15 to various Primary Schools.

Water pumping machines provided by Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman

These schools include: Mallammadori LGA:Shayya Primary School,Jalawa Primary School, Garungabas Central Primary School,Toni Kutara Primary School,Shagari Islamiyya Primary School,Kadume Primary School, Meso Primary School,Kashin Dila Primary School, and Gandun Sarki Primary School, Kaugama LGA: Girbobo Primary School, Kaugama Model Primary School,Arbus Primary School, Yalleman Tijjanai Primary School, Dakayyawa Central Primary School, Yalleman Hausawa Primary School,Marke Central Primary School, Unguwar Jibrin Primary School Nurul_Huda Islamiyya Primary School Kaugama and Yalo Primary School, for Good & Conductive Learning Environment.

8. Offer of Scholarship to one some students

9. Giribobo Primary school ( Two Class Rooms with office and store)

10. SORAKIN primary with V. I. P Toilet. ( Two class rooms..)

11. Jamaare primary school… ( 2 Class rooms with office and store.)

12. Dusare Primary School.. ( Two class rooms with office and store.)

13. Yallemen Primary School.. ( Three Class rooms with V. I. P. Toilet and motorized borehole.

14. Dakaiyawa Junior Secondary School. ( Two Classroom, Store, Office and toilet )

15. Maiso Primary School Garungabas Ward Mallammadori LGA. (Two Classroom, Store, Office and toilet)

16.Construction of Digital Economy Centre (DEC) at Government Day Secondary school Marke, Kaugama Local government, Jigawa state, Through NITDA.

17. Donated Five Hundred Thousand Naira (#500,0000) Students Union Government (SUG Sule Lamido University Chapter)

18. Donated of Five Million Naira (5M) to The Sule Lamido University to further the Academic development in the University.

19. Donation of five hundred thousand naira to National Association of Jigawa State Students (NAJISS)

20. Distributed Educational Materials (Facilities) To Various Primary & Junior Secondary Schools In Mallammadori/Kaugama Federal Constituency For Good & Conductive Learning Environment.

Some of the trycircle provided by Hon. Makki Yalleman

21.Hon Makki Abubakar Yalleman Paid Five Hundred Thousand Naira (500,000) To Sponsored 10 Students To Study In Jigawa State College Of Remedial & Advance Studies Babura.

22. Sponsored construction of a Block of two Classroom with office/Store, Furnishing and Solar Installation at Government Arabic JSS Kaumiya, Dunari Ward Mallammadori LGA, currently ongoing project.

23.Sponsored The Construction Of A Block Of Two Classroom With Office/Store Furnishing and Solar Installation (DI_2CLR_57) At Government junior Secondary School JSS Yalleman Tijjjani Kaugama LGA, Currently Ongoing project.


In the Health Sector, Hon Makki has imprinted his footprints as follow:

1: Distributed Medical Equipments & Drugs to Hospitals In Mallammadori/Kaugama Federal Constituency worth over 100 Million Naira!

2: Provision of Medicine and some Hospital equipment to some of our hospitals across the constituency.

3: Payment of One Million Naira to treat a constituent from Kaugama LGA at Dala Hospital.

4: Payment of Five Hundred Thousand Naira to treat another constituent from Mallam Madori LGA.

5: Spent Millions of Naira to help in the treatment of many patients within and outside his constituency

6. Construction of primary Health care Centre at Turmi, Kaugama Ward, Currently ongoing project.


Hon Makki being very much aware that his people are into Agriculture carried out distribution of over 1800 bags of fertiliser (NPK/UREA) to the farmers in Mallammadori/Kaugama Federal Constituency.

1: Empowered Two Hundred (200) Women with Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000.00) to each of them, totaling into Ten Million Naira (N10,000 000.00) for both Mallamadori and Kaugama Local Government Areas.

2. Empowered over One Thousand people (women and youths) with N5,000 for small scale businesses within the constituency under the Sensitization Programme for Youth and Women by Institute of Peace and Conflict Resolution.

3. Donated twenty (20) vehicles to his constituents.

4. Donated one hundred (100) motorcycles to his constituents.

8.Donated one hundred and thirty five (135) sewing machines to Women in both Mallamadori/Kaugama LGA.

9. Donated ten Tricycles (10) to his constituents.

10. Donated fifty (50) grinding Machines to his constituents.

11. Donated fifty (50) Vulcanizing Machines to his constituents.

12: Donated fifty (50) Water Pumping Machines to his constituents.

13: Donated fifty (50) Generators to his constituents.

14: Donated Six (6) Motorcycles to Youths in Both Mallammadori and Kaugama LGA.


1: Supply and Installation of a brand New Transformer a to Kamfala Quarters, Mallam Madori.

2: Supply and Installation a brand New Transformer to the people of Makwalle Quarters, Mallam Madori LGA.

3: Supply and Installation a brand New Transformer to the people of Marke town Kaugama LGA.

4: Supply and Installation a brand New Transformer to the people of Agin Mallammadori LGA.

5: Reconstruction Of Kaugama Electrical Wiring, Worth Millions of Naira.

6: Distributed Solar Power Street Light at Yalo Kaugama LGA.

7: Supply and Installation a brand New Transformer to the people of Yalleman tsallaken kwalta Kaugama LGA.

8 Supply and Installation a brand New Transformer to the people of Dakayyawa, Kaugama LGA.

9.Distributed Solar Power Street Light at Uba Town, Askandu Ward LGA.

1. Construction of Solar powered borehole in Dunari, Mallam Madori LGA.

2. Construction of solar powered water project in Kaugama town.

3. Renovation of Solar powered borehole at Makaddari Ward, Mallammadori LGA.

Construction of Motorize Water Pump and Hand Pump in the following locations: :
MALLAMMADORI 1. Jibori (Tagwaro Ward); 2. Baramusa Gabbas (Mairakumi Ward).

One of the Classrooms Block built by Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman

KAUGAMA 1. Tashar Mota (Kaugama Ward), 2.Kambarewa (Girbobo Ward) and 3.Kanya (Ja’e Ward)

1. Hon.(Dr.) Makki Abubakar Yalleman Distributed One Thousand Two Hundred (1,200) 50KG Bags of Rice To The Less Privilege In Mallamadori/Kaugama Federal Consituency during Holy month of Ramadan 2022 as well as distributed One Thousand Two Hundred (1,200) 50KG Bags of Rice to the Less Privilege In Mallamadori/Kaugama Federal Consituency during Holy month of Ramadan 2021.

3. Renovation of Mosque at Marke town, Hadin Takarofi town, 5. Donation of N200,000 to the orphanage Care of Yalleman Hausawa among others.


1. Construction of Township Road & Drainage In Dakayyawa Ward Kaugama LGA, Currently ongoing and
Construction of Drainage in Dabuwaran Kaugama LGA, Currently ongoing
He made donations to the people during lockdown as a result of COVID 19 pandemic and several other donations to the less privilege

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