Lawan Reverses Appointment of Adedayo as Media Assistant


The tenure of Festus Adedayo as Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the Senate President, lasted less than three days following a statement announcing the reversal of his appointment on Thursday June 20.

The statement announcing Adedayo as an aide to the Senate President, Senator Ahmed Lawan came up on Tuesday June 18.

The statement from Office of President of the Senate on Thursday in Abuja, said that it reviewed the appointment of Adedayo and rescinded its earlier decision on it.

The statement was signed by Mohammed Isa, Special Assistant to the Senate President on Media and Publicity.

It said “the Office of the President of the Senate has reviewed the appointment of Mr Festus Adedayo as Special Adviser, Media and Publicity to the President of the Senate and decided to rescind its decision on the appointment.

The statement wished him well in his future endeavour.

However, reliable sources have revealed that Lawan dropped Adedayo following criticism against his appointment.

A reliable source close to President of the Senate’s office told NAN that the decision to drop Adedayo was reached on Wednesday night in a meeting by key officers of the Red Chamber.

The meeting was said to have held in the residence of President of the Senate, Mr Ahmad Lawan, who chaired the session.

No sooner was the appointment of Adedayo, a PhD holder in Political Communication, was announced than outcry and criticisms started pouring in, saying he was unsuitable for the position.

The outcry which was loud, especially on social media and was championed by Buhari Media Organisation and some members of All Progressives Congress, who tagged Adedayo an “anti-Buhari media personality’’.

It was gathered that the Office of the Senate President has begun the process of finding a replacement for him.

A similar outcry is also trailing the re-appointment of four other media aides announced by Lawan to serve him.

“The Senate concluded last night that the SA Media should be relieved of his appointment instantly owing to public outcry.

“But, the Senate President is retaining all the other media aides already announced, against all pressures.

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