List of over 1000 Items Seized Mrs Madueke former Minister of Petroleun

The Federal Government of Nigeria
has seized over
a thousand expensive items worth over 40 million dollars from the former Minister of Petroleun Desani Madueke.
Below is the Description  of items:                                    Expensive Bangles                                                    419

Expensive rings                                                        315

Expensive earrings                                                   304

Expensive necklace                                                  267

Expensive wrist watch                                              189

Expensive necklace and earrings                              174

Expensive bracelet                                                     78

Expensive Brooch                                                       77

Expensive Pendants                                                    74

Expensive necklace                                                     48

Expensive necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings         44

Expensive necklace, earrings and rings                       32

Expensive pendants and earrings                                30

Expensive necklace and bracelets                                18

Expensive earrings and rings                                       15

Expensive earrings, rings and bracelets                       12

Expensive cufflinks                                                      11

Expensive pendants earrings and rings                         6

Expensive single earrings                                             5

Expensive bracelets and earrings                                  5

Expensive bracelets and single earrings                        3

Expensive necklace and ring                                         3

Expensive travel clocks                                                 3

Expensive brooch and cufflinks                                    3

Expensive pendants and rings                                      2

Expensive bracelet earrings and rigs                             1

Expensive bangles and earrings                                    1

Expensive necklace, ring and bracelet                           1

Expensive bangle, ring and brooch                                1

Expensive necklace, earrings and 2 bracelets                 4

Expensive bangle and ring                                             1

Expensive brooch and earrings                                      1

Necklace and two pairs of earrings                                 3

Customized gold iPhone    

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