Niger Federal Lawmakers Demand State of Emergency on Their Roads


The legislators representing Niger State in the Senate and House of Representatives have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to declare state of emergency on 3 major roads in their state.

Addressing press conference on Tuesday, the 3 senators and 7 House of Representatives members from the state revealed that the condition of roads linking various local government areas and other neighboring states is terrible as people spend a whole day on the road for journey that ordinarily suppose to take less than an hour.

Speaking on behalf of the state lawmakers, Senate Deputy Chief Whip, Senator Abdullahi Aliyu Sabi said the press conference becomes necessary because of the critical condition of citizens and residents of Niger State who are about to be cut off from other Nigerians due to the deplorable condition of the roads.

He said it was agreed that all the roads from states sharing boundaries with Federal Capital Territory, Abuja should be dual carriage way but it is unfortunate that Niger State that contributed 75 percent of its land to FCT is yet to enjoy the privilege.

According to him, almost all the over 30 roads in the state are in terreble condition but the most critical ones are the 3 which fall under trunk A.

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