Pastor W.F. Kumuyi Warns against Dishonesty, Compromise as He Approaches End of Life, Ministry

“Obedience brought me to where I am today and I will remain obedience to God’s word as I approach the end,” Kumuyi said


The General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi has called on Christian faithful to avoid dishonesty, compromise and embrace obedience and godliness the qualities he said he possesses which brought him to where he is today.

Ministering on Sunday during the Bible Teaching session of the ongoing Deeper Life National December Retreat, holding at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC), Lagos, Kumuyi said God is the God of righteousness who demands godliness and obedience.

Speaking on a topic “The higher way of the heavenly calling,” a message transmitted via satellite, Pastor Kumuyi said as a result of his conviction to remain obedient to God, he encountered a lot of challenges at the beginning of his ministry but because of his determination to remain steadfast in obedience to God’s word he was able to reach where he is today.

The Deeper Life National December Retreat, started on Friday December 21 and ends Tuesday December 25, 2018. The theme of the five-day retreat is “HOPE: Feasting after the Famine”.

Though Pastor Kumuyi ministers from Lagos via satellite transmission, the programme is taking place simultaneously in all the regions and states in Nigeria as well as other nations where the church is established.

Pastor Kumuyi said “I have been obedient to the word of God and that has brought me to where I am today and I will continue in obedience to His word even as I approach the end. I’m closer to the end than I was about 41 years ago.”

Pastor Kumuyi, 77, said Deeper Life Bible Church was founded about 41 years ago because he was pushed out from the church he was then attending due to his conviction and determination to always speak the truth.

According to him, the leadership of the church he was attending then had repeatedly told him to change his stand on the message of holiness and righteousness as the condition of getting to heaven but because he decided to stand on the side of the truth and obedience to God, he was pushed out and eventually that action led to the birth of Deeper Christian Life Ministry also known as Deeper Life Bible Church.

Earlier, while speaking on the topic, “Fear not: The promise is still good” during the session of “Faith Clinic” on Saturday, Pastor Kumuyi said the church will not be handed over to ‘rascals” and “rebellious” people.

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