Senator Akume, Responsible for Benue Problem – Group

A group known as ‘Benue Concerned Citizens’ on Monday accused Senator George Akume (APC Benue) of being responsible for the under-development of the state.

Chairman of the group, Tim Nyor, at a press conference held at the NUJ secretariat, Makurdi, said that the former governor represented the worst of the state.

Senator Akume was reported to have blamed Governor Samuel Ortom for the mass killings in the state.

Akume had reportedly said, ‘it is Ortom who brought his brother Tarshaku who was killing Tiv people.’

Nyor who  was reacting to the statement said that Senator Akume had always represented the worst of Benue people anytime duty called on him or the people needed him to stand up for the people.

“Senator Akume’s loyalists, unarguably with his endorsement, have orchestrated the production of a song that mocks the very details of the killings in the hinterlands.

“At every time that Benue has needed a man to stand in the gap, Senator Akume has represented the very worst of us. He takes hurrying turns with his fellow party men, to either slight us or sell us short.

“Benue remains undeveloped and top-10 of Nigeria’s poorest states because of the visibility of Akume’s hands.

“At a time when our common mettle has been tested and our people violated, young women raped, and children “weaned” from the mother’s breast by the dangling axe of the murderers, the Senator would rather play politics and dance on the graves of the fallen,” Nyor said. (Punch)

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