Travellers Lament over Protesting Truck Drivers’ Roadblock in Niger

Travellers along the Minna-Bida-Mokwa road in Niger State have expressed concern and lamented the hardship they are being subjected to over the blockage of the road by articulated vehicle drivers.

The drivers are protesting the bad conditions of Bida-Agaie-Lambata road, and are also calling for the opening of the Minna-Bida road.

protest, which has entered its third day, has made many passengers to resort to patronising commercial motorcycle operators popularly known as Okada.

The roadblock, which streches up to Lambata, stops at Zanjika village, which is about 30 minutes’ drive to Bida.

It was also observed that the youths in nearby villages and motor boys of the trailers have blocked the road to extort money from motorcyclists and smaller vehicles that try to manoeuvre their ways in the gridlock.

It was learnt that Bida youths protested against the blocking of their town and demanded immediate action from the government.

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