Why Compulsory Birth, Death Registration is Necessary – Hon. Ademorin Kuye


The Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Rules and Business, Hon. Ademorin Kuye said births and deaths registration will help in proper planning and address the problem of child trafficking, militancy, terrorism, rituals and human sacrifice.

Speaking to THE LEGISLATURE on why he sponsors “a Bill for an Act to Amend the Births and Death etc (Compulsory Registration) Act CAP 69, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and for Other Related Matters,” said the existing Act makes births and deaths registration compulsory without penalty hence the need for an amendment.

He said Section 9 of the amendment being sought makes it compulsory for doctors, midwife, medical attendants, village maternity assistants, traditional birth attendants, village heard, tax collectors, every religious minister and such other persons that may be notified of any birth by giving information where necessary as failure to give such information is now punishable with imprisonment or a fine.

“The bill is also calling for the compulsory registration of death by amending Section 17 of the principal Act placing responsibility of the mandatory registration in the hands of local government or area councils.”

He said compulsory registration will “lead to accurate statistics for planning , making informed economic decisions, provision of required facilities and empowerment where necessary.

“Mandatory registration of birth will ensure that government monitors every child birth from the cradle through school and employment to the grave.”

According to him, if the amendment being sought is passed to law, every local government will have a data bank and information from the local government will go to the state data bank while federal government data bank will contains information from across the states.

The bill passed 2nd Reading in the House of Representatives last Wednesday.

Kuye who is representing Shomolu Federal Constituency of Lagos State maintained that creating enabling law for a mandatory birth/death registration and a means to track population growth will enhance national planning and check child trafficking, unending recruitment by insurgents and criminal human sacrifices and rituals.

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