Why I Insist FG should Come Up with Comprehensive Databank for Artisans, Others – Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek

Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek

…Speaks on his motions, bills in the 1st Year of 9th National Assembly

A member representing Mushin 1 Federal Constituency of Lagos State, Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek said he is the voice and eye of his people in the National Assembly adding that Federal Government should come up with comprehensive databank for artisans and other categories of people in the society.

Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek who is the Deputy Chairman House Committee on Political Parties Affairs spoke to THE LEGISLATURE in an interview on the one year of the 9th National Assembly.

Taofeek insisted that he stands by his motion calling on the government to come up with comprehensive Data-bank for artisans as the move will lead to job opportunities and reduce the security challenges.

Hon. Adeyemi Taofeek said the 9th National Assembly is different from the past assembly in several ways particularly as it relates to the relationship with other arms of government.

According to him, the cordial relationship between the current National Assembly and the Executive Arm of Government did not exist in the previous assembly. He also argued that the relationship does not mean they are acting like ‘rubber stamp’.

Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek, a grassroots politician has served as executive chairman of Mushin Local Government Area of Lagos State for about 10 years (2004-2014). He won the parliamentary election in 2019 under the platform of the All Progressive Congress, APC.

Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek One year in the 9th National Assembly

Since the inauguration of the 9th National Assembly in June 2019, Taofeek did not pretend about his commitment to improve on the living condition of his constituents and entire Nigerians through motions, contributions at the floor of the House and legislative activities.

One of Such motions is ‘URGENT NEED TO MAKE ARTISAN MORE EFFECTIVE AND PRODUCTIVE THROUGHOUT THE FEDERATION’ The House of Representatives through this motion mandated the Federal Government to come up with datatabank for artisans.

According to the motion, “artisans are different professional tradesmen and women. manual skilled workers within the society and they display great dexterity in their field of endeavour. They are masters of different professions such as Automobile Mechanics, Vulcanizers, Welders, Interior-Decorators, Make-up Artists, Bead-Makers, Radionics, Photographers, Electricians, Computer and other Technicians. Artisans are too important to be ignored because they are major players in the economy of a nation.”

He noted that this sector as an employer of labour helps in creating more job opportunities, thereby reducing unemployment.

“To reduce the high unemployment and crime rates, our youths, undergraduates and if possible youth corp members should be urge to embrace artisanship. The youth engagement in productive ventures, will help in reducing social ills and make them contribute to economic growth and development.

“With numerous young Nigerians roaming the streets without jobs, the trained and empowered artisans will, as a multiplier effect, absorb more of them as apprentices. This will also address the challenges posed by the dearth of indigenous skilled artisans. This practise will again reduce the influx of artisans and craftsmen from neighbouring countries and the revenues lost to them.

“More so, that many of our youths that acquired skills through some years of apprenticeship lack the financial capacity to establish their own businesses due to financial constraints. On the other hand, already established artisans still need government intervention to expand their businesses.”

Following his motion, the House resolved to:
‘Recognise the urgent need for Federal Ministry of Labour, Employment and Productivity in conjunction with National Bureau of Statistics and National Directorate of Employment to ascertain the number of artisans of different trades in the country by coming up with a comprehensive databank to enable the government assist this very important and critical sector of our economy.

“Mandate and encourage the government to collate, register and list trained certified artisans into a directory with identification numbers. This can be posted online in order to make their services accessible and sell them to the public. This will also help in making the artisan sector more robust, more innovative and competitive.

“All government agencies with the mandate to train should be identified and made to organise training and retraining programmes for artisans. This will boost the artisans’ capacity and ability to access or be qualified for soft loans from both public and private sectors, for example, CBN, Elumelu and Dangote foundations.

“Further direct the Federal Ministry of Labour Employment and Productivity to create a platform for artisans at all levels of government.

“Mandate the committee on Labour Employment and Productivity to ensure compliance and report back to the House within two weeks for further legislative action.”

‘URGENT NEED TO STOP INDUSTRIAL HUB FROM COLLAPSING” is another motion moved by Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek.

Through this motion the House of Representatives mandated the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of DISCOS as stipulated in the responsibility of the Commission in order to ameliorate the sufferings of the people;

“Install Independent Power Producer (IPP)/Non-Utility Generator (NUG) in Ilupeju Industrial Hub as it is done in Sura Market in Lagos State and Onitsha Market in Enugu State respectively;

“urged the IKED to overhaul/change outdated and non-functional equipment’s to justify the billing giving to the people and mandated the Committee on Power (when constituted) to ensure compliance.”


This motion pointed out the alleged fraud in the payment of pension and gratuity and the plights of the of the police pensioners as well as the relatives of the diseased officers.

Parts of the motion read below:
“Informed that after incorporation of the NPF Pension Limited, PENCOM in April, 2014 directed existing Pension Fund Administrators to move N305 billion Police Pension Assets to the NPF Pension Limited.

“Cognisant that employers pension contributions of N15.8 billion, N16.6 billion, 16.6 billion and N19.7 billion were paid by the Federal Government from 20-15 to 2019 respectively to the NPF Pension Limited as government contributions;

“Concern that despite the PENCOM regulatory supervision, there are various pending fraud cases institute by EFFC against officials of NPF Pension Limited;

“Worried that many police retirees have started protesting to the Police hierarchy about the reduction of their entitlements while others have since joined the wagon of pensioners who don’t receive their monthly pensions and gratuities in full and as at when due;

“Also worried that the retired officers who are being short-changed after their services to the nation may resort to taking advantage of the loopholes in the security architecture of the country, which they are aware of, to perpetrate mischief for pecuniary gains to feed their families.”

Following this motion, the House of Representatives mandated its Committee on Police Affairs and Pension to investigate the immediate and remote causes of the NPF Pension Limited inability to meet its monthly pension obligation and the timely payment of gratuities to retiring police officers and report back with findings and recommendations for a model to prevent future misappropriations.

Though the primary responsibility of legislators is lawmaking and oversight function, Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek made several efforts in respect of constituency projects and recently, intervention to reduce the impact of lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek, leading protest against sexual violence (rape)

Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek, provided palliatives to constituents during lockdown due to COVID-19

Hon. Alli Adeyemi Taofeek, provided palliatives to constituents during lockdown due to COVID-19

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