Why Military Needs Special Funding apart from Yearly Budget – Yalleman Abubakar


The Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Defense, Hon. (Dr.) Makki Abubaka Yalleman has said that due to the enormous tasks before the Nigerian Military, relying on yearly budget to fund the armed forces will not be the best.

Hon. (Dr) Makki Abubakar Yalleman, Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Defence and Representative of Mallammadori/Kaugama Federal Constituency of Jigawa State

Hon. Makki Abubakar Yalleman who represents Mallammadori/Kaugama Federal Constituency of Jigawa State in an interview with THE LEGISLATURE said the House Committee on Denfence has already taken a step to come up with the bill to that effect.

He said when the bill is being passed by the Senate also, he is optimistic President Muhammadu Buhari will assent to it.

Yalleman said the fight against terrorism, bandits militants and other forms of crimes require prayers and support of all concerned Nigerians.

He said the Presidential Committee on Implementation of Security Measures’s courtesy visit to the Joint House Committee on Defence, Army, Navy and Airforce on Wednesday 24 November was aimed at tackling the insecurity from all aspects.

He said the joint committee will look at the report and request of the presidential committee.

He said his committee on Defence will collaborate with the military and relevant stakeholders in security sector with the view of addressing the challenges of insecurity in Nigeria.

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